Welcome to my website. I'm Emma Leviathan. I have been on quite the journey over the last decade. I've gone from painter to an adult entertainer, tattoo model, and professional brat. My interest includes painting, photography, videography, and live streaming. I have a large knowledge of fetishes and I love to do improv. 

If you are interested in a custom video. Please contact me. Thank you for all of your support as I try to be a better person, horribly. I'm trying to get on the right path. The right path for me is making everyone laugh, so don't get too upset if I fail. Thank you for all your faith in me. 

Image by Alexander Shatov


Twitter is one of my favorite places to hang out. Follow me on Twitter and you will find all my links, promotions, and bad jokes. I love to have fun with my fans and friends. It's a great place to see a different side of me and get to know me better.

Image by Alexander Shatov


Instagram is where I like to post a lot of eye candy. It's definitely worth a follow if you like that kind of stuff. It's a fun social media site for photo sharing, and my photos happen to be great.

Image by Alexander Shatov


I dual live-streeam from, which let's me record all the shows on YouTube. Check it out or Join me!



Join in on my Livestream. A great place to chat and have fun



Want to see something a little more spicy? Check out my links that cater to the needs of adults. This will lead you to my LinkTree.

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If you like what I do and what to make me smile, send me a tribute on Cash App. I would really appreciate it. It helps me continue to create the content you like. Thanks! $EmmaLeviathan


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