All My Official Links and Where You Can Find Me

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Twitter is one of my favorite places to hang out. Follow me on Twitter and you will find all my links, promotions, and bad jokes. I love to have fun with my fans and friends. It's a great place to see a different side of me and get to know me better.

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I do a weekly show on Youtube called 'Being a better person, horribly' and I go live every Monday at 12 pm pst/3 pm est. I discuss fetishes, sex education, and current events while trying to be a better human being. It's a live show, so anyone can comment. I just like to have fun all around. Join me!

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Instagram is where I like to post a lot of eye-candy. It's definitely worth a follow if you like that kind of stuff. It's a fun social media site for photo sharing, and my photos happen to be great.

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Want to see me paint and draw live? Follow me on Twitch and watch my live streams, ask questions in real-time, and hang out.

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Onlyfans quickly became one of my favorite places to hang out. Onlyfans is where I show a lot of my life, personality, behind-the-scenes photoshoots, and more.