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I'm Emma Leviathan, a 167-year-old demon Trapped in Purgatory. 

See, what happened was, I used to be married to Satan, but then I watched a few too many TikToks and realized that I was a strong independent Succubus that didn't need a man and asked for a divorce. 

That was stupid.

Now I'm stuck in purgatory. The Devil will let me out if I learn to be a good wifey. I have to learn to cook, clean, look pretty, and be pleasant. That last part is the hardest.

Now I'm on the internet stealing souls.. oops, I mean taking them from a willing, consenting partner.  Stuck in Purgatory, with only the internet to reach all the men who will help me create more demon span so that when I get back to Hell I will be able to take over and rule the underworld. 

You can find me on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Onlyfans, and LoyalFans. Check out my Linktree for all the links. 

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