• Emma Leviathan

Transphobia looks disgusting on you

I grew up with a feminist mindset. I believe in the battle for women's rights and equality. I knew as a woman I had to fight harder for everything I did in a man's world. Adult Entertainment is where I finally felt empowered. Women controlled this industry and finally felt accepted.

Feeling accepted is an amazing feeling. People should be able to be who they are to the world. We should all have acceptance or people we can be ourselves with.

Being a feminist and feeling empowered was something I always craved. I have been told I have pretty privilege or that I played victim because I am a women. I have been through so much harsh criticism and hate just for being who I am. Believe me, having large breast on a petite frame really never go me anywhere accept in the adult industry. In the adult industry I could use my looks, but I could also use my talents I learned in college such as graphic arts and communications. I am not constantly told that I have it easy because I'm pretty and then not getting promotions because people bias already thought I was a dimwitted girl with big boobs who didn't deserve anything. If there is such a thing as pretty privilege, I as a feminist never experienced it. Rather, I experienced discrimination which only fueled my interest in female empowerment.

My journey in the adult industry has not only brought empowerment and acceptance, but it has also brought hate from many feminist. Feminist who I once used to look up on now look down on me for using my body to make money. Whatever, I don't need them. You know who else these types of feminist look down on? Transgender women and men.

It's hard not being accepted. I understand. As a feminist, I had many questions when my close family member came out. Even though I had many second wave feminist beliefs, I instantly believed my family member. I knew in my heart that she was in fact a woman. The logistics where the only thing I had to figure out.

I have to admit that sometimes issues were hard for me to understand, and some issues are still hard to understand, but I try everyday because I know what it is like to be rejected by people who once loved you.

Logistics. They are hard aren't they? Being exposed to what I am in the adult industry, I have no doubt that evil men hurt transwomen and women. I could believe that a man would dress up and abuse the inclusive bathroom policies by using transgenderism for sexual reasons, but what is this population of evil men willing to risk these things, honestly? Transwomen are women and we shouldn't discriminate because of evil men. Feminist have fought against evil men for a long time, why would we stop now and not fight for our sisters rights?

Transwomen are women. Women do have to be weary of men, it's just a fact, but how much would your heart break if your family member came home crying because she was kicked out of a dressing room of a store that was supposed to be trans inclusive. She was escorted out and completely humiliated after following the rules.

Being trans is not easy. Coming out is not easy. Living as your true self is not easy. Why are we as a society making it harder for these women who are on such a rough journey trying to be happy in life. Everyone wants to be happy. We are human beings who crave relationships with other people.

When I joined the adult industry, I finally felt accepted. I want everyone to feel this way. Why can't people see someone's heart? Believe each other. Why do we have to live in fear when most of the boogie man stories are just stories? Most people are good, and if someone wants to be bad it doesn't matter how they are dressed or where they relieve themselves. Bad people will be bad no matter what, why would we punish an entire population of women because of evil men. Feminist need to fight against this. We need to fight for our sisters to have rights and being respected as human beings.

I'm tired of seeing the bigotry. I'm tired of seeing the hate. These people are so worried about a person in transition wearing woman's clothing, but guess what? Transphobia looks disgusting on you. It's not them, it's you that is the problem.

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