• Emma Leviathan

I'm Not Leaving Onlyfans!

Updated: Jul 13

I was on Snapchat for many years. About 6 to be exact. I used Snapchat like anyone else would use Snapchat. I posted fun little life bits that showed my personality. I didn't even get nude. But then, one day, my Snapchat was shut down. Turns out, linking this blog was a violation of Snapchats TOS. Dumb. I'm not making another Snapchat because: Dumb.

Anyway, Screw Snapchat. Instead of using Snapchat, I decided I would switch to Onlyfans. I will be using Onlyfans as a an site, not a sexual site starting today, but truly implemented on October 13th.

I have nothing wrong with Sexwork, and I am completely grateful for all I have grown throughout the years and the opportunities it has given me. I've just done it for 7 years and I am ready to move on with my life. If you would like to follow me on Onlyfans to see what kind of art I;m working on that you won't see anywhere else, join me on Onlyfans at

If you are a model or talent and would like to create your own Onlyfans account to sell your own subscriptions, don't hesitate to use my referral link and feel free to ask me any questions. That link is here

Thank you for your continued support. I can't wait for the newest adventure.