• Emma Leviathan

Being a better person, horribly. Emma Leviathan is back and she is on Youtube.

For well over years I went on livestreaming platform called Periscope weekly. Yes, every Thursday I did a show called #Coffeetime in which I would just live chat with people and fans about my life as a camgirls/dominatrix. It did pretty well for a while and I grew a rather large following. Then came the decline of Periscope.

Periscope was the original gansta when it came to live streaming. Years before competitors like Facebook, and Instagram had Livestreaming capabilities, Periscope gave people around the world the ability to connect and chat live. It even allowed others to call in and have a public conversation.

Unfortunately, when other platforms started using live streaming technology, the live stream only platform started to die off. More and more I noticed less and less participation. The participation was what made the show great, and so the show just wasn't as fun as it once was. I got burnt out and bitter from the consistent trolls who seemed to be all that was left. So I just stopped. It wasn't making me happy anymore and that was the only reason I was doing the show in the first place. Soon the even Periscope realized it was time to quit and the app announced it would be discontinuing on March 31, 2021.

After I ended #Coffeetime, I tried to record Youtube videos, but without the live audience, it just wasn't the same. I'm good with banter, and talking to a silent camera was boring to me. I craved interaction. So, after much thought and a long break, I decided to go live again.

With so many platforms offering live streaming, I tried a few. To be honest, I've been a huge fan of Youtube since it began and I really just wanted to be part of that community. So I started spending more and more time on Youtube. #Coffeetime just no longer seems to fit. Youtube seemed to need more structure than Periscope and I wanted something different. So I thought about it and I decided to focus on my strengths.

"Being a better person, horribly" seem to fit me. For years I thought I was a good person. Then I started really analyzing my life. I mean really analyzing things I had done, and being honest with myself. Turns out, I'm an asshole as far as society is concerned. Seriously, I made a business as a Dominatrix and I was a natural at being a mean girl. Once outside my bubble, I realized people genuinely hated my lifestyle, but I really didn't care. For years on #Coffeetime I self-analyzed myself and my life, and so I decided to continue the theme.

Not only will "Being a Better Person, Horribly" (BABPH) be a show about self-analysis and differing opinions, but we will explore different themes such as current events, fetish education, sex-educations, relationships in the era of the porn revolution, and just things I want to talk about in general. I want to make this fun again and I can't wait for you to join me every Monday at 3pm EST - 12pm PST.

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